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The 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report

As we work to help everyone achieve more, we are committed to improving our world and reporting our progress.

We work to apply the power of technology to empower people, strengthen communities, and protect our planet. Our business practices and policies reflect our commitment to making a positive impact around the globe. This commitment impacts the products and services we develop and is central to our passion to improve the way of life for all.

Community worship takes many forms. Church services and Mosques can be traditional or contemporary, formal or conversational, conservative or theatrical. Regardless of your approach to worship, you need a lighting style that supports your worship style. Effective lighting focuses attention, creates appropriate mood and atmosphere, communicates meaning, and engages the audience. Due to continuing advances in light output, light quality, and energy efficiency, QEOS LED lighting fixtures can now brilliantly and cost-effectively support virtually all worship lighting applications. Industry-leading LED lighting solutions from QEOS LED are ideal for most Church services and Mosque lighting designs, both indoors and outdoors.

Surau Nurul Ehsan, Taman Tanjung Minyak

Location : Jalan Tanjung Minyak 16, Taman Tanjung Minyak, 75260 Melaka

QEOS LED Replacement Unit : 40 PCS

Total savings : RM 91,193.16

QEOS LED replaced the lighting at Surau Nurul Ehsan with the QEOS LED T8 ultra energy saving solutions.