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LED Horticulture Lighting

Indoor plant cultivation can result in significantly improved resource use efficiency (land, water, and nutrients) as compared to traditional growing systems, but illumination costs are still high. QEOS LED PSYN-HL horticultural LED lighting offers the most energy-efficient lighting solutions on the market. QEOS LED technology is able to use less energy to power the LEDs and generate less heat to tax the facility’s cooling systems without compromising illumination.

QEOS LED state of the art LED technology is producing the highest photosynthesis photon flux per watt efficiency LED in the world, achieving more than 3μmol/J. Combined with our unique tailor “better sun” radiation spectrum, we are able to elicit desirable plant growth attributes and thus promote almost TWO times (2X) the growth rate as compared to traditional soil cultivation. In addition, QEOS LED horticulture solid state light (SSL) solutions include designed for easy, plug-and-play installation and are also fully sealed and IP-rated for easy cleaning in high-care, clean environments.

Most Energy and Radiation Efficient Horticultural Light

High Efficacy LEDs Increase Yield of Crops and Save Operation Cost.

QEOS LED is committed to manufacture a leading high efficacy LEDs to significantly reduced lighting energy cost and increasing optical efficiency.

Customized Spectrum of Possibilities

Various Spectrum Design Enables Photosynthesis Purpose-Driven Plant Growth

QEOS LED various Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR) spectrums designed for specific crops can be designed considering different photosynthetic pigments and photoreceptors

Ruggedized Quality & Extended Lifetime

Ensure High Reliability Even in Harsh Clean Horticulture Environment

QEOS LED is set to design a ruggedized vertical or indoor farming providing longer period of warranty than LEDs for general lighting

Product Specifications

QEOS LED PSYN-HL horticultural LED lighting is a ruggedized high efficiency light for commercial horticulture cultivation. It is an optimized LED lighting spectrum suitable for most leafy crops and with high probablity to increase yields, reduce growth time, and influence the taste, appearance, and nutritional content of plants.

Light Source LED Light
Spectrum BetterSunSpectra™
Light Output PPF >56.7 μmol/s
Efficacy >3.0 μmol/J @ 240V AC
AC Input Power <20W @ 240V AC
AC Input Voltage 230-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Light Distribution 120°
Mounting Height ~15.0 - 30.0cm Above Canopy
Thermal Management Passive
Ambient Temperature 35°C
Lifetime > 50,000hrs
IP Rating IP66
Warranty 5 Year Standard Warranty

PSYN-HL Horticultural LED Structure & QEOS LED Driver (Patent Pending Design)