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LED Light Bulb

QEOS LED bulbs create a perfect ambient with vast hue of white color selections with just a fraction of electricity cost thanks of QEOS LED ultra-low power LED technology. QEOS LED bulbs produce light equivalent to halogen and incandescent bulb using one-tenth of its power.

QEOS LED has thermodynamically designed our bulbs heat sinks to enhance the conduction and convection of heat out from the LED system to maximize bulb life. QEOS LED bulbs are designed for heavy duty 24/7 operation with a designed life of more than 100,000 hours.

  • Instant on, no flicker or buzz.

  • Extremely energy efficient:-

    up to 160 lm/W; energy saving more than 80% compared to flurescent light systems.

  • Eco-green lighting; No mercury content.

  • Emits no UV and IR rays.

  • 5 years limited warranty.

Polar Intensity Diagram

LED far-field emission pattern shows that the Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) energy emitted is within 120°

Product Information

Light Source LED Light
Ballast None
Reflector None
Power Factor > 0.95
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 55℃
Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 80
Base Medium Screw Base / 2 Pin
Cap / Fitting E 27 / G24D
Power Input AC 100 ~ 305 VAC
Color Temperature 3,000 K - 6,000 K
Lamp Efficacy > 170 lm/W
Lumen Output 800 lm, 1400 lm, 1900 lm
CFL Wattage 18 W, 26 W, 50 W
Halogen Wattage 60 W, 100 W, 100 W
Limited Warranty 5 Years

Product Specification Options

Specification Lamp Efficacy Power Consumption Lumens Color Temperature LED Lifetime Warranty
(Bbi_6) 170 lm/W 4.75W 800 lm 3,000 K - 6,000 K > 200,000 Hours 5 Years
(Bbi_14) 170 lm/W 7.5W 1,400 lm 3,000 K - 6,000 K > 200,000 Hours 5 Years
(Bbi_20) 170 lm/W 11.3W 1,900 lm 3,000 K - 6,000 K > 200,000 Hours 5 Years