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Rural - Solar Street Light Project

Ministry Of Science and Technology Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI) and Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), set upon a bold mission: to harnesses the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available; solar energy, to provide rural outdoor lighting that preserves resources, requires no moving parts, and is virtually maintenance free.

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Retail - Jakel Melaka

Jakel wanted to create an experience that keeps shoppers coming back, and lighting was essential to this equation, minus the time and cost of replacing lamps. When the Melaka branch fabrics franchise went looking for lighting that could last, it found it in QEOS LED.

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Education - MiCoST Melaka

Melaka International College of Science and Technology (MICOST) recently retrofit its old fluorescent lighting with QEOS LED T8 Lights. Previously using traditional fluorescent lighting in their halls, corridors, classrooms and in the receptions and offices.

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Government - Majilis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah

In search of a efficient and modern lighting system, Majilis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB) chose QEOS LED to deliver clean, crisp light at an affordable cost, that are easy on the operating budget.

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Industry - Silterra

The introduction of a new light fitting that was relatively new to the market was somewhat of a risk for the business. However Silterra Sdn Bhd place their confidence in QEOS LED, their engineering expertise and their willingness to support the installation, ensured that Silterra were able to take this step to improving the sustainability of its existing operations.

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Oil & Gas - Petronas Penapisan Melaka

Petronas has been working with QEOS LED contractor who supplied and installed eight units of solar street light in the Petronas Penapisan Melaka parking area. Petronas has chosen solar street light project using high efition QEOS LED solar street light in order to provide a continuous source of lighting in the evening based on renewable energy source.

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Medical - Hospital Putrajaya

Lighting is vital in health center for proper operation. Different lighting luminous lux need to be tailored according to OSHA standard for consultations area, waiting rooms, operating rooms and rooms.

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Medical - Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Center (OMSMC)

Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Center is a 300-bedded, world-class multidisciplinary specialist medical center. Their mission is to provide high quality healthcare services at a conducive environment. OMSMC sustainability strategy reaches beyond the doors of their medical center to preserve and protect the planet and its resources.

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Business - Melaka International Bowling Center

Melaka International Bowling Center (MIBC) is adopting the Melaka Green Technology Blueprint and lead the effort to Go Green. A pilot test has been conducted by MIBC facility manager and QEOS LED light has astonishingly reduced their energy consumption on lighting by almost 80%.

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Hospitality - City Center Kuala Lumpur Quality Hotel

Quality Hotel sustainability strategy focuses on reducing carbon footprint, supporting innovative conservation initiatives and inspiring their guests to support these efforts. Quality Hotel has implemented their sustainability strategy by utilizing QEOS LED most advance ultra-high energy efficient lighting in all suitable area resulting an astonishing RM 56 million electricity savings.

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Government - Agro Biotechnology Institute

Agro-Biotechnology Institute Malaysia (ABI) is one of the three Biotechnology Institutes under Malaysia Ministry of Science, technology and Innovation. Agro-Biotechnology Instituition Malaysia (ABI) is adopting QEOS LED lighting and lead the effort to Go Green.

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Government - Malaysia Genome Institute

Malaysian Genome Institute is a network-based not-for-profit organization undertaking basic and translational research aimed at the generation of new intelectual properties and technologies for economic development via a large scale collaborative projects. Malaysian Genome Institute is adopting the QEOS LED lighting which is the world's most efficient LED lighting.

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Government - Malaysian Institute of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

IPHARM is a multidisciplinary research institute that focuses its efforts on drug discovery, development and one of Malaysia's leading instituitions in pharmaceutical studies. By adopting to QEOS LED lighting, they will reduce electricity usage through QEOS LED technology.

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Hospitality - Adya Hotel

The Adya Hotel is a multiple awarded 4 star hotel in Langkawi. When it comes to lighting, they already knew LED was the answer for reducing energy use compared to standard options. Initial plans called for a variety of eye-catching lamps and fixtures to be sourced from several manufacturers, QEOS LED stood out amongst the rest.

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Government - Muzium Diraja Istana Batu (Jalan Tengku Puteri) & Dataran Ilmu

Muzium Diraja Istana Batu (The Royal Museum) was built in 1939 under the reign of Sultan Ismail I of Kelantan (1920-1944), as a wedding gift for his nephew Yahya Petra (1960-1979) whom was the eventual successor of Kelantan. It has a pale yellow structure and served as the palace for crown's prince. It was then donated to the state and now it's open to public for viewing.

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Government - Alor Setar City, Darul Aman Highway

The City of Alor Setar is taking its first steps as an intelligent city by converting all of its municipal streetlights in stages to QEOS state-of-the-art LEDs.

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Government - Jalan Batu Kawa

Kuching Padawan Council is taking its first steps converting its municipal streetlights in stages to QEOS state-of-the-art LEDs. QEOS LED streetlights improve on the brightness and thus enhancing the security of the area. They also provide a world of possibilities for the city for night events, safe travel routes and it will achieve a target of 80% energy reduction on its energy consumption.

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Government - Telekom Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia engaged QEOS LED as an integral part in executing their sustainability goals. QEOS LED succeeded in offsetting energy costs through increased use of renewable such as the Hybrid solar systems, which is not only cost-effective, but such practices have a profound impact on the environment.

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Industry - Turcomp Engineering Services Sdn Bhd

As a leader in innovation, we set high standards when it comes to LED lighting, we meet our exact standards for light quality and cost-effectiveness for our clients. QEOS LED lighting have reduced energy consumption by about 40% since Turcomp Engineering Services Sdn Bhd made the decision to replace their conventional lighting with QEOS LED Ultra energy efficient LED Downlights. Our professional team of installers were swift and managed to complete 439 installations within 72 hours.

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Medical - Hospital Sultan Ismail (HSI)

The Sultan Ismail Hospital in Johor Bahru has purchased over 25,000 units of the QEOS LED lighting. It is obvious Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff’s ability to provide the required level of care. Not only a sustainable choice, LED lighting can enhance the care environment and reduce costs by saving energy and improving operational efficiency.

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Medical - Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah (HPSF)

Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital provides leading-edge medicine, patient care and renowned medical education. With more important issues a hospital faces every day, why should lighting be a concern? High ceilings and hard to reach lighting locations made for increased maintenance cost. The hospital operates 24/7, requiring a lighting solution to ease the maintenance and energy nightmare. QEOS LED advanced lighting fixtures will enable safe and comfortable illumination, that will benefit both patients and hospital staff.

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Government - Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (MPHTJ) Melaka

The QEOS LED Infinity Specification, customized for ultimate energy savings, offer a solution to fluorescent lighting; consuming nearly 80% less energy than a comparable linear fluorescent and delivering quality of light with a superior lifetime.

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Education - UiTM Dungun Terengganu

University Technology Mara, UITM Dungun Terengganu branch has recently retrofit its old fluorescent lighting with QEOS LED T8 Lights and QEOS Water-resistance Outdoor Linear Lights.

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