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Istana Batu Royal Museum (Jalan Tengku Puteri) & Dataran Ilmu - Kelantan, Malaysia

Istana Batu Royal Museum (The Royal Museum) was built in 1939 under the reign of Sultan Ismail I of Kelantan (1920-1944), as a wedding gift for his nephew Yahya Petra (1960-1979) whom was the eventual successor of Kelantan. It has a pale yellow structure and served as the palace for crown's prince. It was then donated to the state and now it's open to public for viewing.

Istana Batu Royal Museum finds monumental savings with LED lights from Current, by QEOS LED.

The municiple council of Kota Bahru was convinced of the energy-savings potential of LED fixtures but needed a partner that could enhance the overall feel of the location. In partnership with QEOS LED, they have begun moving towards green technology for a better energy efficiency solution and better optical performance.

Istana Batu Royal Museum Saves with LED Lighting by QEOS LED.

This project would see an overall reduction in energy consumption by 80%. QEOS LED lights last longer than other types of lights, reducing the requirement for frequent replacements. This results in using fewer lights and hence fewer resources are needed for installation processes.