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Our Forward-Looking Strength

Thanks to incredibly low energy consumption and extremely long life, QEOS LED technology has extremely low operational costs which in turn will generate huge cost savings in only a short time both in industrial and especially in commercial premises.

high efficiency

Most incandescent bulbs waste about 90% of the electricity they consume as heat because of this, making them incredibly inefficient light producers, QEOS LED lighting are very efficient LEDs at present surpassing values between 40% and 50%, It is thus far more efficient at converting electricity into light.

lower cost of maintenance

It’s the decrease in maintenance costs, as well as energy savings that QEOS LED will have large corporations relying on QEOS LED lights. With the ROI on energy savings not yet enough in some cases to cover the higher cost of the new bulbs, it’s the lower maintenance costs of our LED lights that will seal the deal.

longer life

QEOS LED lighting has ultra long lifespan that can last 30 times longer than conventional bulbs. QEOS LED Lighting has an operation lifetime that can be up to 100,000 hours. QEOS LED lights save yourself the effort and cost of more frequent light replacement. The environment will benefit from less waste, too.

bigger savings

We all want to save energy and spend less money. QEOS LED energy-efficient lighting offers lifetime financial benefits in the form of lower utility bills and maintenance costs.

With over




QEOS LED ultra energy efficient and long lasting LED light system has been greatly received by various sectors of industry. Clients from medical to hospitality, manufacturing, and industrial sectors have been enjoying the tremendous energy savings of QEOS LED Advanced Lighting technology. QEOS LED has over 100,000 LED Lights successfully installed.

Our Efficient LED Lighting Products

Our latest products feature the technology to create a more beautiful, comfortable or energy efficient space. Our innovation application of LED technology can help deliver a first solution, by reducing energy and maintenance costs while providing excellent light quality that also helps improve productivity.

8 QEOS LED Lighting Benefits

Energy Efficient

Longer Life


Bigger Savings

Environmental Friendly
(No Mercury & UV Rays)

External QEOS LED Driver

Easy Installation
(Retrofit Design)

Customizable to Suit Client Environment

About QEOS

QEOS LED Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn. Bhd. (QEOS), is a manufacturer and wholesaler of advanced energy efficient LED lighting solutions. Having the ability to drive down power consumption greatly, QEOS LED products offer huge cost savings for commercial and industrial applications. QEOS LED Advance Lighting System also offers future upgrades which will allow for smart lighting.

QEOS LEDs replaces conventional CFLs and incandescent lamps to achieve a greater cost savings of at least 50% and up to 80% in electricity used. Using it’s patented design for the use of superior grade high efficiency LED chipset and robust driver, QEOS LED products are rated for up to 24 hour use. QEOS LED products are 5 times more efficient than conventional fluorescent lights and 2 times more efficient that current LED lights. This provides a strong assurance for better value of money and maximizing return on investment.

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